The International Flamenco Camp “La gitana”

THE INTERNATIONAL FLAMENCO CAMP “La gitana”, takes place in Alicante since July of 2015. It is an experience of a total immersion of Spanish culture and Flamenco surrounded of the best beaches in Spain.

The Camps include: 

-Twenty hours of Flamenco in a week: Four hours every morning (Monday through Friday):

  • 1 hour Technique
  • 1 hour Choreography (You can choose palo o music)
  • 1 hour Laboratory of palmas, jaleos and compass
  • 1 hour cajón, cante, castañuelas, Theatrical Laboratory, Tango´s or Bulerias Laboratory  (Depending of the group’s level and preferences)

-Recommendation of the best restaurants, hotel and places of the city.

-Transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.

– Three Tour guides in the program. One in the city (Port, Beach and old area), one to

the Santa Barbara´s castle (Including a Flamenco shoot) and one to The Tablao.

The requirement is that each group has to have the same level of every class more or less.

Minimum 5 people in each group.

All the evenings are free for beach, rest or tour guides.


“Pilar’s Flamenco Summer Camp of 2015 was a truly great experience! It was everything I had envisioned it to be and so much more: working four hours a day on various aspects of Flamenco, each of us receiving encouragement and individualized instruction as needed and appropriate for our various levels of experience in a non competitive, welcoming environment. It was a great female-bonding experience. Pilar is such a GREAT teacher, very approachable, an excellent communicator, understands English, and her choreography is sooooooo passionate and inspiring—explosive at times, and then suddenly so delicate—it’s just absolutely beautiful, and while it can be challenging at times, it still feels attainable, because she takes her time teaching it to you; she WANTS you to get it… she knows HOW to teach, and she constantly fine tunes the pace of the class. This workshop was also great because it was so well-balanced in the sense that we had ample time to do other things the rest of the day, every day, so it really felt like a ‘Flamencation’: daily Flamenco intensive, then time to shop for Flamenco clothes, or do some sightseeing, enjoy delicious tapas, or go swimming in the Mediterranean… all of this with some new, like-minded friends; it was an unforgettable, truly wonderful experience!!!”

Kim Goodman, Austin, Texas. (Camp Alum-2015- Austin)

Flamenco Summer camp in Alicante will take your breath away…literally and figuratively!  Having the opportunity to concentrate on your  technique, rhythm and form in this one week intensive is the equivalent to taking a year’s worth of classes!

Steps learned in class becomes comprehensible because you don’t have the lag time in between learning and mastering.  The 4-5 hours in the class each day allows you the opportunity to matriculate the gait and tempo as well as clarifying any mis-steps.  On top of all this the location is in one of the most exquisite setting in Spain!    At the end of the week you are more empowered and wanting mas y mas!

Mary Anne Notzon (Camp Alum-2015- Austin)

“A week alone with only adults, all of whom seemed to know each other, did not seem like the perfect time for a teenage girl. Or at least so I originally thought. The week that followed was-despite my preconceived notions-absolutely incredible. I had not realized how much I had missed dance, but the early mornings and drives melted away with the rush that came from the music that flowed from the speakers as well as Andujar´s voice. It seemed almost magical the way she could hold herself with such control and simultaneous abandon when she danced. Her passion for flamenco was utterly contagious and the dance I had previously not appreciated fully became a daily urge that the camp fulfilled. It was as if I had the opportunity to become more powerful with each step and each new day of classes. This camp made me realize the power of powerful dance. Flamenco is about owning your body the way it is, and being the controller of everything about you. This camp helped me find rhythm and movement I didn’t realize I had in me. Her acceptance and determination to help everyone in the camp was inspiring. She hit every skill level without leaving anyone to isolation. The camp was about love, dance, and passion for each movement. By the end of the week I felt that every part of me was intertwined into some new possibility of what I could be. I felt strong-though lets be truthful more than a little sore-and awake to the new possibilities that surrounded me. This camp was one of the most incredible things surpassed only by Pilar Andujar herself..”

–Ullan Notzon (Camp Alum-2015- Austin)

-“I was very fortunate to have Pilar Andujar as a flamenco teacher for several years in Austin, Texas, so when she moved back to Spain and scheduled her first workshop, I signed up immediately! Pilar is the real deal, an amazing dancer who is also a gifted teacher. She teaches with spirit and with love, and her workshops are a great mix of topics. I am always frustrated with workshops that teach only choreography that I never use again … in Pilar’s workshop, we did some choreography, but also worked on Tangos improvisation for parties, cajon, and other useful skills. We also had a lot of fun, visiting the beach in Alicante, shopping, seeing shows, and having adventures (Pilar helped us take a Bla Bla Car to Granada which was a wonderful side-trip). If you are even thinking about this workshop, don’t hesitate — sign up now! You will love it!

 –Laura Frederick (Camp Alum-2015 – Washington)

“I cannot rave enough about this flamenco summer camp! It was EXTRAORDINARY…truly remarkable, phenomenal, spectacular, challenging, inspiring…..the list goes on! Pilar Andújar is a beautiful dancer who exudes femininity from every inch of her body. Lucky for us, she also happens to be a superb, gifted and patient teacher with an uncanny ability to unlock the secrets of feminine movement for her students. This workshop was a dream come true for me. Pilar gave us amazing exercises for the hips, hands, arms and body. Her tangos choreography was fun and beautiful, but what I will cherish most from this week is what I learned from her about movement. It changed the way I approach dance. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you gitana for generously sharing your arte and knowledge with us! Do not miss the next Pilar Andújar flamenco summer camp people! You will be the better for it!”

 —Cindy Quezada (Camp Alum-2017- California)

“For me, it was the second time with Pilar – dancer and teacher very effective, unrepeatable and original. I am a teacher too, so I can say that I am very demanding. Pilar has wonderful methods and  she can teach everyone, even the most stubborn!”

 — (Camp Alum-2017- Polland)