“Movingly acted.”

Newsdays by Valerie Gladstone. 21-6-2001

Pilar Andújar was both sensual and tender as the woman he loved.

New York Times by Jack Anderson. 22-6-2001

Pilar Andújar, strikingly dressed in red, dances the role of “Antoñita Branchalo”, Manolete’s mistress and wife, with a furious intensity.

His hips turn beyond the limits of Flamenco at the edge of vulgarity, but this is counteracted with his arms that cut the air like Turkish scimitars.

In one brilliant solo, she lurks rabidly on stage, lengthens her arched back and quickly turns to bullfighter-like passes.

Taking the bull by the horns “by Mae G. Banner. The Egg. Nov 15,2001

But Miss Andujar’s solo helped restore order.

New York Times by Jack Anderson. 14-3-2002

Pilar Andújar uses it to insult a man by throwing him with his arm outstretched as if he were nothing more than a practical coat rack.

Newsdays by Sylviane Gold. 13-6-2003

Dancing with the accompaniment of three local musicians, no less talented for it, Ms. Andújar’s movements were graciously punctuated.

She dances in an intense vertical center while her arms are somewhat apart. It was as if its vertical dimension were a rock upon which the waves of its horizontal dimension break with such elasticity. Your work with your feet is very fast. The virtuosity of his heel makes you appreciate why Victorians thought women’s ankles were erotic, and not just because then nothing else was shown.

Miss Andujar’s talent is contagious. I, who have just arrived from Madrid, can safely say that Miss Andujar could defend herself against anyone I saw there.

It leaves you wanting more. I suggest throwing large bouquets of flowers at her as a way to ask for an encore.

Exploredance. com by Robert Abrams. 9/10/2005

It is a “festive” show that enhances the choreographic play of the actors.

The world. es by EFE. 18-4-2006

The movements of up to sixteen actors simultaneously on stage are choreographed with great skill.

Leisure Guide by PatxiJ. Larrañaga… 2006

The choreographic movements, the work of Pilar Andújar, characterize each sainete highlighting its dramatic rhythm.

Revista de la Resad, Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico by Javier Salas, May 2007

The romantic piece of Palillos y Pies exquisitely choreographed by Pilar Andújar incorporates sophisticated castanets, an unusual work in flamenco, which is typically considered a solo art “.

The most singular performance of the whole company was perhaps Andújar’s mysterious flamenco-fusion solo, dressed in a long dress decorated with fringes that complemented her movements. She combined the seduction of her arms and circles of her hands with sharp accents on her torso and exaggerated poses and fast tapping that often made you feel the swinging touch more than the Spanish dance.

Backstage review. dance movement. 2007

Tonight it premiered with the premiere in New York of “Palillos y Pies”,”Sticks and Feet” in English. Choreographed by Pilar Andújar, one of the group’s dancers, the work is a celebration of the castanets. Start with the dancers standing in the darkness of the stage under dramatic lights. With a chime of castanets they move away to meet again in a group. Intense heel and three changes of dressing-Women wear black, blue and white dresses.

Pasión “is a solo choreographed and danced by Andújar, whose unusual flamenco dress, with fringes that never stopped moving, seemed to be designed for turns but not much more. She made the most of it.

“New York Times. Published by Gia Kourlas. March 29,2007

With Palillos y pies she opened the Saturday afternoon program of Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, choreographer Pilar Andújar does something revolutionary with flamenco, preserving all the power, aplomb and passion while injecting it with the structure and aesthetics of modern dance and ballet.

The castanets are also added.

Dramatically illuminated and dressed in black, white and blue,”Palillos” (professional term for castanets), he uses space and composition in contemporary ways, creating patterns and arrangements across the stage.

Women’s arms make beautiful and exaggerated curves, such as when they play with their hands while keeping the instrument punctuating its multiple turns and fast steps, even a sensual embrace is acted on with a sharp edge and a kind of stylish elegance.

Andújar began with the sinuous solo “Pasión” that transposed a full declaration of feminine power, tapping and spinning with fierce intensity.

The Times Union. ALBANY -NY by Tresca Weinstein, February 19,2007

The Bosnian cultural centre organised the show “Aires Flamencos”, led by choreographer Pilar Andújar.

They have presented the authentic Spanish Folklore with bulerías, alegrias… The performance provoked the audience’s loud applause.

AVAZ… I. M… 3-10-2007

The Embassy of Spain opened the window of Flamenco with the company of Pilar Andújar and her “Aires Flamencos”, a journey through Andalusia.

They presented authentic flamenco, great but at the same time passionate.

It was worth seeing him to take a little passion in colours and movements and live pure flamenco “.

DANI. E. Nurikic. 5-10-2007

Fast (very fast) feet, many torsos stretched out and arms floating in the air carried us in a whirlwind of glorious movements and a virtuous moment after another, all close to perfection.

Carmen: El Baile is more or less the story as we know it and the plot is developed in a series of flamenco dances with a decent and discreet mimicry, as well as well constructed flamenco movement sequences. And death is “real.” Pilar Andújar (Carmen), who is also the choreographer, dies very well “.

Bearnstow Journal by Ruth Grauert, March 4,2008

Lost the tradition but with a touch of individuality.

New York times by Jennifer Dunning. 6-6-2008

In this case, the music of Cristina Bernal and the choreography of Pilar Andújar deserve special mention, since the musical numbers serve to delimit some scenes of others and to transfer the spectator from one place to another while knowing the thoughts of the characters at very different rhythms of the time, including a tango “.

Almagro Festival, Mercedes Camacho. 9 July 2008

Flamenco arrives with Pilar Andújar. The queen of Flamenco in Texas, prepares with her talent and grace to give a show. With an unbeatable curriculum, Pilar has arrived with her presentations at the most important places in the world. Austin was captivated by the best of Flamenco. Prominent dancer Pilar Andújar recently presented her Flamenco show. He showed the beauty of that particular dance.

Salwa Yordi 6th June 2012 The World

Helena (Pilar Andujar), with an updated humor.

Review by David Glen Robinson Austin live Theater. October 25th – 2012.

Welcome to Abrazo. The TV show that wants you at first sight.” Embrace begins at the door, as if waiting from the first moment for the love you think you have. Dancing, confessing and counting the time that goes by… <<I only count the minutes since I wait for you>>. Embrace, for me, it was an explosion of looks. To her dancer -fantastic- Pilar Andújar, while she looked at me with that intensity. To the voice and gesture of Miguel Such that keeps you on your toes. To the captured and remixed photos of Jorge Arnao, an essential company. It’s a 50% show: dance and theatre. A symbiosis so balanced and fair that you are forced to be with all your senses attentive to digest all the planes of representation. The dance -flamenco and contemporary-, which has captivated me for years, is a background career that activates your heart in every corner where the work takes place. Theatrical action is from a smile to your own conscience that reminds you of the purposes and nonsense that love has, the embraces of love, the glances from love, and even the fear of love. Abrazo is a committed event; part of the proceeds will go to “Alas vivas” Asociación contra la Violencia de Género y Violencia Doméstica de la Provincia Alicante. I care about this, a lot too.

Supplement #Arts of the newspaper El Mundo, Juanjo Cervetto 2016

Pilar Andújar in Orán: And let flamenco live!

The sumptuous Maghreb room in Oran, hosted last Thursday,was a high quality flamenco show. This musical event, organized by the Embassy of Spain in Algeria with the support of the Cervantes Oran Institute and ONCI, brought together a large crowd.

This time it was the world music singer and flamenco dancer Pilar Andújar, known as “La Gypsy” who was in the spotlight, with her group consisting of two musicians, a guitarist and the other drummer.

Presenting the artist, Inmaculada Jiménez Caballero, director of Instituto Cervantes de Oran, explained that this show was conceived as a contemporary version of flamenco. “It is interesting to see what flamenco can contribute in its evolution towards contemporary music, this fusion with jazz, soul or other musical movements offers an original, new and surprising show.

The first half hour of the show, She was devoted to sing with songs in Spanish, part of the artist’s repertoire, the latter even impressed by the a cappella song.

In addition, Pilar Andújar wore traditional Spanish costumes, the famous red dress with white polka dots in the bata de cola, a suit so long that the dancer must lift it a little when she is dedicated to a flamenco choreography.

Pilar Andújar is from Alicante and started her flamenco career when she was 7 years old. With this musical genre she has traveled the world, singing and dancing in the most prestigious places of New York, but also in Mexico, Japan and Europe.

Currently, Pilar Andújar has just released her first album “Andró”, whose first performance was in Alicante. One of the songs of this work, La ultima palabrita, won the first prize granted by the Nubo Film production company.

By the way, this album was nominated in 7 different categories to the Min Awards 2018 (Independent Music of Spain).

You have to believe that flamenco is a popular musical genre in Oran because it is clear that the enthusiasm of the audience was very high !!El Watan. AKREM ELKEBIR JULY 02, 2018

The gypsy and her “Andro”. A current reinterpretation of the world of flamenco.

The Spanish singer and dancer Pilar Andùjar “La Gypsy” produced her album Andró in 2017. Andró refers to the “way” in the gypsy language because for Andùjar it was a long personal and artistic journey to achieve this artistic result. This is the personal result of an atypical artist from the world of flamenco. It is totally impregnated and gives us an intimate reading of what could be called “world flamenco” music, which does not mean that it does not look like anything. Her beautiful and deep voice takes us to her world away from the stereotyped clichés of Spanish flamenco.

You will find languid rhythms, musical influences from South America, Portuguese fado and lots of energy and sensuality of the Mediterranean.

This album has been nominated in seven categories in the MIN Awards-18 (Independent music in Spain). In addition, the song Ultima Palabrita won the first prize in the “Nubo film production”. This album toured Mexico (Guanajuato and Morelia), Algeria (Algiers and Instituto Cervantes de Oran) and Texas.

An artist to follow and discover !!!!

Des Mondes de Musiques. Gerard Viel December 17, 2018