Andró means “On my way” or “Path” in the gypsy language “Caló”.


I chose this word because the album was born of a long and hard way to through fears that did not let me be. Finally I decided to jump and I started another adventure that goes from the outside to the inside, without labels about who I am.


 Writing songs has always been a natural way of putting everything in order since childhood. Even the fact of playing or spinning a song,  could act therapeutically so everything else, even pain, passed to second place.


Although I have been singing for fourteen years for different bands and projects, it is the first time that I dare to release the character of the dancer and to put my inner voice on a cd, without secrets or limits.


The order of the songs is chronological and narrates my changes of residence, of country, the difficulties of starting from the square one, the death of a great love and what it can happen in the last minute … when you really do not expect anything.


 The landscapes, situations, thoughts and my limits are intertwined in a self-dialogue of gratitude to this process of overcoming. That´s why all songs, even if they come from the shadows, end with a message of transformation towards the light.


The trip begins in Austin (Texas) with a carousel that supports a backpack full of hollow solitude. It goes through several trips to Cairo to awaken the senses and the sense. And it ends in Alicante, with an intimate conversation with the path; so I ended up accepting it with what I was and surrendering to be able to be.


At the last minute (Official Vídeo)

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